"HeArt Medicine is just that...pure medicine for the human heart." - Preston Smiles 


HeArt Medicine is a trio of heart-centered muses on a mission to bring rich, potent musical medicine to the planet at this pivotal time.  A fusion of ancient shamanic tradition, old time gospel, and modern soul - HeArt Medicine weaves a medley of magical elements, to awaken, harmonize, and nourish the human heart.  

What unites these soulful songstresses, beyond their haunting harmonies, is their capacity to use music as a tool to celebrate and honor the full spectrum of the human experience.  

HeArt Medicine offers a collection of original and re-purposed soul-songs that are designed to break down barriers between “artist” and “audience” and engage the whole “songregation” in a rich, soulful, emotionally evocative experience.  Using song as a vehicle, the women of HeArt Medicine create a compelling invitation for their audience to lift their voices into one massive prayer for love that leaves people feeling joyfully connected to their mind, body, spirit, and heArt.